Come and Join Us!

An invitation to put your weight behind our prime objective - the maintenance and future wellbeing of the Park for the enjoyment of all.


Possibly the most important aspect of our healthy membership numbers has been the weight that it has carried with the Council, as owners of the Park. It has though also evidenced the levels of local interest and involvement in the Park which have influenced a wide variety of external organisations to give the Park funding or awards over the years.


So, we need you - not only to maintain our numbers, but also to have a steady stream of new thinking and ideas introduced by new faces and fresh minds!


Annual (calendar year Jan-Dec) membership is a mere:

£7 for an Individual
£12 for a Family membership (of whatever size).


For your subscription you will receive at least three annual Newsletters and, given that, if you are reading this, you are likely to be a user of e-mail for communication, early notification or reminders of forthcoming FoDP events or gatherings.


Donations & legacies are also, of course, always welcome and can be made into our general funds or, if you prefer, into one of the special purpose funds we maintain:


The Sapling Fund, The Snowdrop Fund - for plants donations to the park, The Birdseed Fund for winter grain for our waterfowl and or The Islands Fund for our major restoration of the island banks project.


Membership fees and donations not only contribute to our special projects but also fund the day to day running of our Charity such as printing of the newsletter and members’ networking events.   

Subscriptions and donations to our Charity can be augmented if you are able and willing to give us a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD), enabling us to claim back 20p in the £ from the Taxman.


Please therefore click on this link to our Membership Application Form which incorporates the options to make a GAD and to pay subscriptions by Banker's Standing Order 

This can then be printed off, completed as appropriate, and returned for processing to our Membership Secretary -


Jenny Russell,
Mem. Sec FoDP,
Pembury Road
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent TN2 3QN.

Or Please click on this link if you would prefer to Join Online


Please do not hesitate to contact Jenny on if you have any queries


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