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Our Projects 

FoDP work in conjunction with TWBC raising funds for much needed causes, the money raised goes towards various projects in the park.




Over the years we have been involved in many projects for Dunorlan Park.  Some, such as plant donations are ongoing with the Friends donating some special plants annually, most recently areas of rare and beautiful snowdrops and two flowering magnolias. 


We designed, raised much of the funds and organised the construction of the summer house in memory of our Founder, Peter Reynolds, by the lower pond.  More recently, we also designed and donated the plants for the grass maze in the natural adventure area and funded the installation of steps adjacent to the slide.


Our major, and also ongoing, project is the restoration of the eroded banks to the two islands in the lake……


The Island Bank Restoration Project - Phase One


Restoration of the banks to the larger of the two islands -  was completed in Autumn 2015.


Specialist wetland restoration contractors, Salix, who carried out the work for us finished in mid-November - you may have seen the report in the Courier on the 13th November.


It took Salix 8 days with a three-man gang, using a specialist amphibian vehicle with a hydraulic hammer fitted, enable installation of two rows of revetment stakes (chestnut posts) which held in place hazel faggots topped with pre-planted coir rolls. Dredgings from the lake were then pumped in behind the revetments and pre-planted coir pallets were placed on top. Finally temporary fencing was installed to stop the wildfowl eating the plants (they still have the small island as refuge whilst the plants establish). The plants in the coir rolls and pallets are mature native wetland plants - they did not look very impressive when they were planted now in the dormant season, but soon when they start growing away in the spring, the effect and extent of the restoration will be seen more clearly !


The project was supervised by TWBC with back up from the Friends and minimal disruption to the park caused during the work.


Clearly a huge THANK YOU is due to absolutely everyone who has donated to this project over the years since we first realised that without restoration to stop the erosion to the banks our islands would eventually disappear. However, it is not over yet - now we have to tackle the small island and we are now actively fund raising with the (optimistic) view of being able to complete Phase Two in 2017.


If you are interested in donating towards this project please click here


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