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Dunorlan celebrates

birth of Egyptian Geese

Park regulars have been wowed by the

arrival of six Egyptian goslings at Dunorlan

during the recent winter cold spellKeep

your eye out for ducklings shortly!

Proud parents, Rameses and Cleopatra,

have been resident on Lake Island for the

past two years and keen to expand their

family. But the patter of tiny webbed feet came when least expected, with temperatures well below freezing and, very sadly, despite overcoming the snow and ice, one of the goslings did not survive.  


The proud parents have kept their five surviving babies warm and fed, reminding us that these beautiful birds are native to sub Saharan Africa and the Nile Valley and were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians.

Rameses and Cleopatra are hoping young visitors to the park have ideas for the newcomers names. Email in your suggestions via our contact form below or fill in your names whilst buying seeds in the café and we will update you on the best suggestions after Easter.


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