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Dunorlan Park is home to a rich array of wildlife, some very visible, some not.

The Park homes a number of animals - grey squirrels and rabbits are commonly seen: less so the foxes, badgers and several types of bat that live a less public life here.

But most people thinking of Dunorlan will immediately think of the birds that live on it's lake: swans, geese, gulls and ducks are regulars, as is the lake's heron. Less common visitors include kingfishers.

kingfisher at grosvenor,has been seen at

Near the lake dragonflies and smaller damselflies are often seen.  Butterflies and moths such as the meadow

brown, common blue and small copper flutter in the flowerbeds and meadows. Bees are often seen harvesting nectar. And then there are the spiders... lots of happy spiders.

The 'wild' areas of the Park are home to hunters such as buzzards, kestrels and sparrowhawks.  Sedge warblers have been seen in the reed beds and, in the winter, the Park is visited by redwings and fieldfares.

Look up and you may see treecreepers working their way down larger tree trunks looking for bugs.  Stop and listen and you may hear the sound of a woodpecker - but you'll have to look hard to spot it.

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